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  • Mastermathmentor, Good WS and Assessments
  • Jeffrey Schroeder Houston ISD- Great Packets and Powerpoints for TPS 3
  • Mr. Skirbitz— Great Notes and Objectives aligned with TPS 3rd Ed
  • Mrs. Rose– Follows TPS 3E and has powerpoints
  • Mr. Pleacher, Creative Lessons
  • Mr Headlee– Great TPS 3E packets for each chapter . Full lessons and objecives. Also has Calculus and Geometry
  • Mr. Rogers, The Intuitor – Great Plan, Practice Tests and Essential Questions
  • Mr. Hansen– Good plan. Has The “must pass quiz”
  • Thomas Rye, Ferris High School
  • Mrs. Evans– Powerpoints, Reading Guides for TPS 3
  • Mrs. Ames, Great Learning Targets, Pencasts and Vids
  • AP Stats Monkey, Jason Molesky Good TPS 3rd Edition Resources + Frappys!
  • Patrick Dooley, A well organized Wiki with all of the TPS 3 solutions and other great stuff
  • Mr. Newton— Sweet Powerpoints + a Calculus Class
  • SM Miller– Powerpoints based on TPS 4th Edition +
  • MrMathMan, Jared Dierskson, Rancho Cucamonga
  •, Dan Shuster, Notes and Practice Tests
  • Todd Faidor– has good videos
  • Glen Waddell– Has a Good Blog reflecting on lessons
  • MathShepard, Fairhope Alaska Good Notes and Organization
  • Ms. Glynn Has Smartboard Notes daily
  • Mr. Williams, Piedra Vista HS Has some nice resources stashed away
  • Mr Devans- Nice Powerpoints and Midterm Reviews on a wiki
  • Dennis Murphy, Lower Moreland — A very well planned out calendar of lessons and assignments
  • Mr Kling– Good Online Lecture Notes and Presentations– neatly organized
  • Greer Putnam— Good Organized, planned out class w Smartboard pdf notes
  • Mrs. McNelis– a good collection of final projects and notes
  •  A Little Stats by Amy Hogan- a good blog with data sources

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