Oct 28 Precalculus 11.2 Complex Roots of Polynomials

Warm-Up/Review– Write the expanded polynomial equation of a Fourth Degree Polynomial with Zeroes of -2, 4 and 3+2i

Precalc Lesson 11-2 Classwork

Precalc Lesson 11-1 to 11-3 Homework

Activity 11

Complex Polynomial Roots and Inequalities

11-1 Learning Targets:

  • Maximize volume in applications.
  • Apply the Complex Conjugate Theorem.

11-2 Learning Targets:

  • Rewrite polynomial functions in factored form.
  • Find all of the zeros of a polynomial function.

11-3 Learning Targets:

  • Solve polynomial inequalities.
  • Represent solutions using interval notation and graphs.
Complex Conjugates
Complex conjugates example
Roots of Polynomials
Factoring 5th degree polynomial to find real zeros