Feb 27 Precalculus Law of Cosines

EQ: How do you solve an oblique triangle?

TSWBAT Apply the Law of Cosines to Solving Oblique Triangles

ACT 1: . TriangleSolvingToolkit

Make a Triangle Solving Toolkit — Make a Study Guide/Toolkit for Solving Triangles… Include Pictures, Formulas and Examples of all the casesCheck w a Triangle Solver if needed

Fold 3 Pieces of Construction Paper into a Book

a) Cover Page “Triangle Toolkit” — pictures

b) 1 Page Pythagorean Theorem– include Special Right Triangles and Pythagorean Triples   Ch 7.1

c) 1 Page Trig Ratios/ “SohCahToa”   One of each Ch 7.1

d) 2 Pages Law of Sines— Include the cases AAS and ASS and one triangle w two solutions   Ch 7.2

e) 2 Pages Law of Cosines  Include SAS and SSS examples  Ch 7.3

f) 2 Pages for area formulas– to be learned on Monday. Include A=bh A=absinC and Heron’s formula

ACT 2: Practice Law of Cosines PrecalMatters Notes Ex 2-6

Law of Cosines Practice   SOLUTIONS to WS

HW: Triangle Toolkit

KhanAcademy Law of Sines and Cosines  Study Ch 7.1-7.3

Feb 27 Statistics Understanding the P-Value

EQ: How do you conduct a significance test

TSWBAT: State, Formulate, Solve and make conclusions based on a sample to determine whether the results are statistically significant

Video: Understanding The P-Value


1. Finish Chapter 11 Reading Guide

Z-Hypothesis Testing Practice


HW: Chapter 15 Online Quiz if you’re ready TPS Ch 10 Online Quiz- last chance


Notes for the Future

Inference Conditions WS

Inference Decision Maker

Feb 26 Precalculus Law of Cosines

EQ: How do you solve an oblique triangle

TSWBAT solve triangles w the law of sines and prove the law of cosines.

Warm-Up: The Ambiguous Case Regents Prep Example 3

Example 3:  In , a = 10, b = 16, and m<A = 30º.  How many distinct triangles can be drawn given these measurements? Solve the Triangle

Classwork: Proof of the Law of Cosines

Math Illuminations Discovery Sheet

TH Quiz: Solve the triangle where A=40 , b=12, a=8. (hint, there may be two solutions) Chapter 7.2 into Ch 7.3

Feb 26 Statistics Significance Tests P-Value

EQ: What is the meaning of statistical significance

TSWBAT calculate and determine a P-value to perform inference

Review MMM Worksheet from Yesterday p 12 and 13

Chapter 11.2 Reading Guide

Inference Quiz: Are SAS Students Smarter?

IQ Tests are normally distributed with a mean score of 100 and a standard deviation of 15.

If Mr. Lange randomly samples 25 SAS students and they score an average of 107 points. Can he conclude that SAS students are smarter than average?
TH Quiz: Read/study Ch 15 do Textbook p 376 #15.20