Precalculus Nov 20 Inverse Functions and Logarithms

1. Fill out your HW Log

2. Turn in Take Home Quiz from Yesterday

3. Work together to wrap up the lab and calculations. If you were absent…. do at home with pennies. You can find exponential regression calculators online

4. Watch the Videos and Take Notes

Inverse Functions

Logarithmic Functions

5. Homework Read and Take note on 4.2 Inverse Functions and 4.4 Logarithmic Functions or work on Inverse and Logarithmic Functions on KhanAcademy

Precalculus Nov 19 Quiz + Lab

Copy DOWN Take HOME Quiz.

1. Sketch the function f(x)= 2 ^{x-2}-1

(4 points)

2. I deposit $5000 in an account that earns 3% interest compounded monthly. How much will I have in 20 years.

3. Find the equation of the line passing through (-4,4) and (1,6).

(2 points)

4. What is the vertex of f(x)=x^2-4x+2

(2 points)

M&Ms Lab  (use pennies at home if you don’t have m&ms)

HW: Textbook 4.3-4.5, KhanAcademy Exponents and Logs (Alg 2)