Precalculus Oct 31 The Rational Roots Test/Roots of Polynomials

Oct 31 Quiz: Polynomial Roots

1. Identify the roots of f(x)=x ^{2}-13x-30

2. Find the roots of f(x)=(x-4)^{2}-4

3. Sketch f(x)=-(x+4)(x-1)(x-3))

Classwork– Learn to Factor Cubic and Higher Polynomials Using the Rational Roots test and Synthetic Division (Lapboards recommended)

HW: KhanAcademy Polynomial Functions, Factoring

Rational Root WS with Answers

Textbook 3.2  and Read 3.6 Do p 230 AYP 1-4, C&V 5-10, Pencil Problems (they have examples).

Make Sure your Function Family Album 1-9 are done…

Precalculus Oct 30 3.2 Polynomials and their Graphs

Explore Polynomials and their graphs using Desmos


Learn about the even/odd polynomial functions

Learn about roots and multiplicity of polynomials


HW: Read and Practice from 3.2

KhanAcademy Algebra 2 Polynomial and Rational Functions

Here is a worksheet to work on

Study MAthisFun “How Polynomials Behave”

Watch Videos of “Graphs of Polynomials”

Work on Desmos Projects– Including Polynomials

Calculus AB Oct 30 Optimization

HW Journals Filled in?

Optimization Steps

Video With Lots of Good Examples



Graded Project: Optimize The Volume of a Box (Parter Activity)– You can make a box by cutting four squares out of the corners and folding it up. What is the maximum possible volume of a box made from a 12×9 inch piece of construction paper.

Bring Me the Box by Monday and put your work inside.

Suggested HW: KhanAcademy Optimization

Textbook Ch 4.6 p 311 1-21 odd

Study Optimization Online MathScoop

Precalculus Oct 29 Quadratic Given Three Points

1. Warm-Up Quiz

A diver is standing on a platform 24 ft above the pool. He jumps with an initial upward velocity of 8 ft/sec. Find:

a) When he hits the water

b) His maximum height

c) His height 1 seconds into the dive

d) The time when he is 16 feet above the water

e) Sketch a graph of his jump.  DESMOS GRAPH OF SOLUTION

Get Desmos Project List— Try to do one a day!

MAKE A BOX Project Example

Also Available as a PDF

2. Make up your Own Quadratic.

Find Three Points on the Quadratic

Create a System of Equations to solve the quadratic in y=ax^2+bx+c form

Get back to where you started… give the three points to your neighbor and see if they can solve it.

System of Equation Solver- 3×3

Need Help with Today’s Work– Google “parabola given three points”

Suggested HW: Finish Work on Ch 3.1 … Get into Chapter 3.2

KhanAcademy- Quadratic and Polynomial Functions

Desmos Projects — See Checklist