April 10 Precalc 3×3 Systems with Cramers Rule


EQ: How do I solve a 3×3 system using matrices, determinants and Cramer’s Rule

TSWBAT solve a 3×3 system using determinants and Rule

Turn in Calculus Readiness Test Calculus Readiness Test

ACT 1: Warm Up—

Bob has nickles and dimes. He has $1.40

He has a total of 18 coins.

Create a system of equations to determine how many of each coin he has. Solve in as many ways as possible

Act 2: Coolmath 3×3 Determinants and Systems

HOMEWORK- DESMOS ART PROJECT, Read Ch 10.3, Calculus Readiness Test if needed, TOOLKIT — add 2×2 and 3×3 using Cramer’s Rule


April 9 Precalculus Text 10.3 Matrices Determinants, Cramer’s Rule

EQ: HOw do you solve a system with matrices
TSWBAT  Solve a 2×2 and a 3×3 system using Cramer’s rule
Act 1: Get Desmos Art Project Instructions and Discuss
Act 2: Solving 2×2 and 3×3 systems with determinants and Cramer’s Rule Notes from CoolMath
ADD Determinants and Cramer’s Rule to your Toolkit

April 8 Precalculus Matrix Algebra 10.4

EQ: What is a matrix and how do we perform operations?

TSWBAT: Identify and explain a matrix as well as how to add, subtract, multiply by a constant and a multiple matrices.

Desmos Art Project Instructions

Matrices Notes from MATH is FUN

1. What is a matrix?

2. Adding Matrices

3. Subtracting matrices.

4. Multiplying by a constant

5. Multplying by another matrix

HW Calculus Readiness Test  / Read over Chapter 10.4