August 18 All Classes

I. Welcome Back

  • Get Programs
  • Program Issues?
  • Student Info Cards
  • Get Engrade Strips/Write KA Class Code

Student Info Cards

Front: First and Last Name Nice and Big


Top Line: First Last Date of Birth Grade

Left Side: Parent Name, Parent Phone, Parent Email, Best Subject, What I want to Be, Fav Movie, Last Math Teach/Grade

Right Side: Schedule: Class Room Teach


II. Group Task- “The Zin Obelisk”

III.  Assignments

  • Sign Up for Engrade- Send Me a Message
  • Make Me Your KhanAcademy Coach
  • Shopping List
    1. Three Ring Binder
    2. Graph Paper
    3. Pencils
    4. Scientific Calculator (or Graphing) – Phone App a +
    5. Bonus- Whiteboard markers, tissues

KA Codes:

P1 Alg 2 4YDQF5, P2 Alg 2 R7H5DC, P3 Precalc GFXF4W, P5 Alg 2 DKRXBK, P6 Precalc Q8UBNU

First Day of School- The Zin Obelisk

The Zin Obelisk Task – Team Building

Aug 17- No Students

Aug 18- Zin Obelisk

Aug 19 – Artihmetic/PreAlgebra Diagnostics Sample Diagnostic Test

Aug 20- Alegebra I diagnostic Test

Aug 21 Geometry/Algebra 2 Diagnostic Test


** Good Diagnostic Test for Students going into calculus,d.cGU