Statistics Oct 29 More 5.2 Experimental Design

Grade Ch 4 Case Closed [Starts at Slide 92]

Grade 5.1 Frappy

Ch 5.2 M 5.33-5.38, T 5.39-5.43,

Today– Read 366-371 Do 5.45, 5.47, 5.49

Suggested HW: Write your Response Bias Proposal. KhanAcademy– whatever is recommended. Textbook Ch 9– Study the vocabulary of Ch 8 and 9 Especially.

If you think you’re ready. you can take the BPS 5E Ch 9 Online Quiz which correlates to your books Ch 9 and the TPS book 5.2

Statistics Oct 28 Response Bias Project

Frappy 5.1 x 4

5.33-5.38 should be done. Read p 358-364 do 5.39-5.43

Response Bias Project

Here’s An Example

Make Notes on the Instructions or Print them yourselves from the Blog today or ENGRADE

Suggested HW: Textbook Ch 9 Vocab and Notes … Chapter 8 If you haven’t. Chapter 8 BPS 5e Online Quiz

KhanAcademy- should have mastered Descriptive Statistics, Inference, Regression, working on Statistical Studies

Calculus BC Oct 27 U-Substitution

KhanAcademy videos on u-substitution

Notes on U-Substitution

Alternate In Class Worksheet

Alternate Classwork– work in the Even Problems from Textbook p 392

HW Suggestions:

Korpis world Videos and Worksheets

6.4  Integration by u-Substitution and Pattern Recognition (Notes/V1/V2/V3/V4/V5/V6/V7/V8/V9, WS/KEY)

U-Substitution Problem Set– worksheet

Kuta Software Worksheet- has answers

KhanAcademy USubstitution

Textbook 5.5 The Substitution Rule Read p 386-391 Do p 392 1-45 Odd