Precalculus Oct 29 Quadratic Given Three Points

1. Warm-Up Quiz

A diver is standing on a platform 24 ft above the pool. He jumps with an initial upward velocity of 8 ft/sec. Find:

a) When he hits the water

b) His maximum height

c) His height 1 seconds into the dive

d) The time when he is 16 feet above the water

e) Sketch a graph of his jump.  DESMOS GRAPH OF SOLUTION

Get Desmos Project List— Try to do one a day!

MAKE A BOX Project Example

Also Available as a PDF

2. Make up your Own Quadratic.

Find Three Points on the Quadratic

Create a System of Equations to solve the quadratic in y=ax^2+bx+c form

Get back to where you started… give the three points to your neighbor and see if they can solve it.

System of Equation Solver- 3×3

Need Help with Today’s Work– Google “parabola given three points”

Suggested HW: Finish Work on Ch 3.1 … Get into Chapter 3.2

KhanAcademy- Quadratic and Polynomial Functions

Desmos Projects — See Checklist

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