Precalculus Week of Jan 25 to Jan 30

Jan 25 18-1 and 18-2 Graphs of Reciprocal Trig Functions and their Transformations

Precalc Lesson 18-1

Classwork Precalc Lesson 18-2 Classwork

VIDEO NOTES: Can Count for 18-2 Classwork— Fill Out 2 Pages of Notes

  • All Six Trig Graphs: Videos
  • Transforming Tangent and Cotangent Graphs: Videos
  • Transforming Secant and Cosecent Graphs: Videos

Precalc Lesson 18-1 to 18-2 Homework


Jan 26 Unit 3 Embedded Assessment – Social

Precalc Unit 3 Embedded Assessment 1


Jan 27 Precalc Lesson 19-1 Classwork  Arc Sine Graph

Precalc Lesson 19-1 to 19-3 Homework

Jan 28 Precalc Lesson 19-2 Classwork  Arc Cos GRaph

Jan 29 Precalc Lesson 19-3 Classwork Arc Tan GRaph

Act 18 HW DUE FRIDAY!!! Work on Study Guide Precalc Unit 3 Study Guide Rubric  or life will be hard next week

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