November 17 Precalculus 13-3 Rational Inequalities +

Rational Functions Wrap-Up

Precalc Lesson 13-3 Classwork

Homework—- Package all Act 12 and 13 for Friday

Precalc Lesson 13-1 to 13-3 Homework

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Activity 12

Rational Expressions and the Reciprocal Function

12-1 Learning Targets:

  • Write ratios of variable expressions.
  • Write a rational function based on a real-world scenario.

12-2 Learning Targets:

  • Write equations for vertical and horizontal asymptotes.
  • Sketch the graph of a rational function.
Asymptotes of rational functions

Horizontal and vertical asymptotes of function

Finding horizontal and vertical asymptotes

Rational Functions and Their Gaphs
Matching rational functions to their graphs


Activity 13

Rational Functions

13-1 Learning Targets:

  • Compare and contrast graphs of rational functions.
  • Write and sketch graphs of transformations of rational functions.

13-2 Learning Targets:

  • Determine horizontal, vertical, or oblique asymptotes.
  • Accurately graph rational functions.
  • Solve rational inequalities.

13-3 Learning Targets:

  • Write the equation of a rational function given certain attributes.
  • Solve rational inequalities.
Graphing Rational Functions
Another rational function graph example

A third example of graphing a rational function

Rational Inequalities
Rational inequalities

Rational inequalities 2








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