March 26 Statistics 13.1 Two Sample Exam

EQ: How do I solve a two sample t-test

TSWBAT solve a two sample t-test

Act 1: Two Sample t-test exam—-

Data Attached Ch 12 1 Exam Data


Farmer John wants to know if a diet supplement will help his cows give more milk

1. Randomly sample 16 cows who were not given the supplement and 16 that were given the supplement from your data set. Record that data on your paper

2. Use that data to determine whether or not cows given the supplement give more milk at the 99% confidence level

3. Generate a 99% confidence interval for the difference in milk given between the two groups and interpret

4. Make a table explaining Type I and Type II errors for decisions Farmer John could make from this research and their consequences.


When finished: move into 13.2 reading guide, project proposals

HW:Ch 8 MC Review p 206 8.17-8.26

Online Quizzes/Project Proposals


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