Jan 29 Precalculus Recognizing Trig Graphs


1. Without drawing the graph, verbally explain what the graph of

y=3sin(2(x-30^\circ))+5 looks like.

2. Sketch y=-4cos(\frac{1}{{2}}x)-2 on the interval [0,720]

3. A sinusoidal graph has an amplitude of 10, a period of 60 degrees, is shifted vertically up 2 units and horizontally to the right 10 degrees. Write a function that will generate that graph.

CW: Determining Trig Functions from Graphs MMM Page 9 in Groups

TH Review Quiz:

1. Find the x intercept of 2x+6y=-24

2. Find the zeroes of f(x)=x ^{2}-7x+12

3. Find the roots  of      f(x)=x^3-2 x^2-5 x+10

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