May 5 Statistics

Act 1

FINISH: Inference Formulas REview

Inference Summary Study Guide

Act 2: Outline Final Project Paper: See Page 4 of this document which you have



Teachers and statisticians, whose decisions are final, will judge the reports on the following:

Statistical Question: Valid statistical question that is clearly stated, focused, and interesting.

Data Collection: Evidence of direct data collection by students. Data were collected in an appropriate manner to answer the statistical question. Raw data are included.

Data Display: Includes appropriate, well-labeled, accurate displays (graphs and tables) of the data.

Data Analysis: Analysis of the data is accurate, thorough, and appropriate. Conditions are checked correctly for any inference procedures.

Conclusion: Conclusion includes a clear answer to the statistical question that is consistent with the data analysis and method of data collection.

Reflection on Process: Gives a good overall picture of the project&emdash;what went well and what didn’t-and includes ideas for further study.

Overall Presentation: Attractive, well-organized, well-written project report.

Rubric Keys


HW: Collect Final Project Data

Poster or Powerpoint Presentation