April 17 Statistics Chi Squared for Two Way Tables

Act 1: Notes and Examples :             Grades, Sports or Popularity?

from Yale Online course

Act 2: Chapter 14.2 Reading Guide

Act 3:

Homework: All Online Quizzes- Finalize Project Proposals.

Sample Final Project Write-Ups


Possible Project Ideas

  1. Does Diet Dr Pepper really taste the same as regular Dr. Pepper? Can people tell the difference
  2. Is the home field advantage significant? Which team has the biggest advantage?
  3. Is there a relationship between basketball players’ height and free throw percentage?
  4. Does age affect whether or not people think marijuana should be legal?
  5. Who has faster reaction times? http://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime
  6. Does age affect reaction time?
  7. Can left handed people throw a ball further with their right hand than right handed people can with their left?
  8. Are men/women more aware of current events?
  9. Does the color you wear affect whether or not people find you attractive?
  10. Is there a relationship between GPA and happiness?
  11. Does gender affect people pet preferences?
  12. Do people feel better later in the day if they ate breakfast?
  13. Are seniors better at basic algebra than freshmen?
  14. Do girls text more than boys?
  15. Are students more likely to be absent on a Friday?
  16. Do students whose parents are not divorced get better grades/test scores?
  17. Is there a difference in drug/alcohol use by gender/race/slc?
  18. Does drinking a glass of water help people solve a maze faster?
  19. Do right handed people have better vision in their right eye than their left? etc
  20. Can people solve problems faster if they’ve had a little caffeine?
  21.  Should I really guess C on a multiple choice test?

April 17 Precalc 3×3 MAtrices + Calc Readiness

Find the equation of a parabola passing through : (-2,20) (1,5) and (3,25)

1. Plot the points using stat-plot

2. Create a matrix to solve remember ax^2+bx+c=y

3. Solve the matrix with determinants


Act 2: Calculus Readiness Test: Readiness Test


1 Desmos Art: Get 6 Parts Drawn Examples to Study

2. Systems Toolkit: Sections on graphing, substitution, combination (2×2 and 3×3) and Matrices/Cramer’s Rule/Determinants (2×2 and 3×3) should be in toolkit