Feb 17 Statistics Ch 10.2 t-distributions

TWSBAT Apply t-distributions to generate a confidence interval to estimate a population mean.   They will be able to use t-tables, and generate intervals by hand and by calculator.

Chapter 10 Reading Guides Out

1. Text: Reread/Review Page 639

2.  Read p 642-658 and complete  Ch 10 Reading Guide 10.2

Activity 10C: Comparing the z and t distributions


HW: THQuiz Feb 17

Mr. Lange wanted to know how long the typical HHS student could hold their breath. He randomly sampled 16 students and measured how long they could hold their breath (in seconds)

Here is the data

# of seconds each student was able to hold breath

       126.6        141.5        140.9          91.9        157.1        119.1          94.2        131.1
         71.5        128.2        113.7        120.7        130.4        153.5        140.5        109.0

1. Make a Histogram of the Data using 5 equal classes.

2. Can t-procedures be used? If not, explain why not. If so, explain why and generate a 95% confidence interval for the mean # of seconds an HHS student can hold his or her breath.