Feb 4 Precalculus Sine Graphs for Sunshine

Turn in TH Quiz

Reflection: Discuss the transformations of a sine graph

Project 1: Make your own Trig Problem Given 5 Points

Include Table of 5 Critical values, Graph, Equation, and Color labelling of A, B, C, D using vocabulary Amplitude, Frequency, Period, Phase Shift, Vertical Displacement

Make the Table, Make the Graph, Make the Equation. Identify A, B, C, D and show how they are represented in the graph using color.

Project 2: Daylight Hours  – Explore Here

Daylight Hours Calculators  —

Sunrise/Sunset Daylight Graph Help

Sign up for a City and Graph One Year’s worth of Total Daylight Hours…. from Jan 1 to Dec 31– make December 31 Day 0. You can do it on GP or on DESMOS


1. How many hours of daylight there will be on your birthday.

2. Determine: On which days will there be 13 hours of daylight.


Feb 4 Calculus AB: Average Value for Integrals

Objective: Students can find the average value of a function over an interval [a,b] and the point [c] that guarantees the mean value theorem for integrals

Warm-Up: Reflect: What is the difference between distance and displacement? Draw it. Write the formulas

Video: Roshan 6.4 from your textbook!

Lesson Material: MMM U 32  Average Value/2nd Fundamental Theorem

TH Project: Due Monday—- Create a Distance/Displacement Story  by drawing a graph of velocity v time similar to your Roller Coaster Project. The difference is, instead of graphing position first, you graph the velocity. Identify when the person/car is going forward, backward and how far. Be sure to explain the displacement difference from original position and displacement] Make it colorful.

HW: HW Problems 1-4 from MMM U 32

Study Average Value in KhanAcademy/Watch Roshan