Precalculus Oct 31 The Rational Roots Test/Roots of Polynomials

Oct 31 Quiz: Polynomial Roots

1. Identify the roots of f(x)=x ^{2}-13x-30

2. Find the roots of f(x)=(x-4)^{2}-4

3. Sketch f(x)=-(x+4)(x-1)(x-3))

Classwork– Learn to Factor Cubic and Higher Polynomials Using the Rational Roots test and Synthetic Division (Lapboards recommended)

HW: KhanAcademy Polynomial Functions, Factoring

Rational Root WS with Answers

Textbook 3.2  and Read 3.6 Do p 230 AYP 1-4, C&V 5-10, Pencil Problems (they have examples).

Make Sure your Function Family Album 1-9 are done…