Precalculus Oct 22 Function Transformations Wrap

Record in your HW Journal

Title a Paper: Post-It Transformations

Number it 1-36:

Graph the function on your post-it… if it isn’t already on there.

ODDS- Give them the graph and have them ID the function

EVENS- Give them the function and have them predict the graph

ALL– Describe the parent function and its transformations

Oct 22: Functions and Transformations Quiz

Suggested HW Tonight: KhanAcademy Functions (Algebra 2)

Practice problems from Ch 2.5 and 2.6

Function Family Album

Read Ch 2.4 to prepare for tomorrow when we take a closer look at linear functions

Statistics Oct 22 vocabulary Building- Crossword Puzzles

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Get Crossword Puzzles for Ch 1-6 to work on your vocabulary.

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Suggested HW: Online Quizzes still?

        BPS Chapter 8… KhanAcademy see suggestions when you log in

         Study Data  Collection methods on