Precalculus Oct 21 Function Transformation Matching

Warm-Up Graphs of Composite Functions

For each function in this task, assume the domain is the largest set of real numbers for which the function value is a real number.

Let f be the function defined by f(x)=x^2. Let g be the function defined by g(x)=√x.

  1. Sketch the graph of y=f(g(x)) and explain your reasoning.
  2. Sketch the graph of y=g(f(x)) and explain your reasoning.

Transformation Matching Game

Quiz Oct 21

Describe verbally how the function is transformed

1. 2f(x)

2. f(x)+2

3. f(x-2)

4. -f(x+3)

Functions and Transformations Quiz (postponed to tomorrow)

HW: Textbook 2.5, 2.6

Function Family Album

KhanAcademy Functions and Their Graphs  (Recognizing Funcitons, Piecewise Functions)  PRINT THE CHECKLIST FROM ENGRADE

Statistics Oct 21 Sampling

Pick -Up and Review Yesterday’s Quiz

Record Your HW in Your HW Log if you have not.

Against All Odds 17 Samples and Surveys

Old:  BW 4.23, 4.25, 4.27, 4.29. 4.30, 4.41, 4.43, 4.45, 4.47

Ch 4 Case Closed


New: Ch 5.1 CW

Part 1 5.1-5.8
Part 2 5.9-5.13
Part 3 5.15-5.20


Suggested HW: KhanAcademy Statistical Studies

Textbook Chapter 8

Missing Online Quizzes

Calculus AB Oct 21 Curve Sketching

Quiz:Oct 21 Extrema Quiz

The Three Examples From This WS






Curve Sketching With the First and Second Derivative Tests



Curve Sketching Checklist

Classwork/HW- This Webpage has graphs and answers

More Curve Sketching Practice— doable for HW

Here is a Curve Sketching Template

Suggested HW: KhanAcademy

Textbook Work

  • 4.3 Read and do 1-35 odd
  • 4.4 Read and do 1-11 odd Graph Calcs Req

Worksheet: MMM Function Analysis