Precalculus Oct 20 Transformation of Functions

Oct 20 Piecewise Function Quiz

Prepare HW Journal for Check in— Start the Week 11 HW Log

Are the First 8 Family Album Graphs Done?

Graph the function




2. Determine the function that would generate this graph

Function Dance—

Function Dance Video

Function Transformations–

Lapboard Study

Suggested HW

Study and do work to Finish Ch 2.5, Start Chapter 2.6 Read p 118-126 Do p 126 1-6 All, 7-18




Statistics Oct 20 Census and Sampling

10/20 QUIZ- Normal Calculations Tootsie

The number of licks it takes a student to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop is normally distributed with a mean of 180 licks and a standard deviation of 20 licks.

1. What % of students need more than 200 licks to get to the center?

2. What % of students take between 150 and 200 licks.

3. How many licks will a student need to get to the center if he wants to be ranked in the top 5% of lickers?

Turn in HW Journal,  Start a New One. Details, Details, Details

Chapter 5 Reading Guide

Against All Odds

16. Census and Sampling
The U.S. counts every resident every ten years — or at least tries to. Statisticians use sampling from a population as an alternative to a complete count, as utilized at a potato chip factory. Go to this unit.

Read: Ch 5.1 and complete 5.1-5.8


Suggested HW:   BPS Chapter 8 p 189-205 Read and Practice

Khanacademy Types of Statistical Studies


Calculus AB Oct 20 More Max and Min

Turn in Related Rates TH Quiz

Turn in Week 10 HW Journal, Start Week 11 HW Journal (Hopefully you printed one yourself)– otherwise hand write and print tonight

10/20 Review Quiz–

1. \lim_{x\rightarrow4} \frac{x^2-3x+4}{x-4}

2. f(x)= sec(x) Find f'(pi/3)

3. g(x)=[ln(3x+2)]^3

CW: Absolute Extrema Kuta

HW:Textwork Ch 4.1, 4.2, start 4.3

KhanAcademy Derivative Applications

Extreme Values from Graphs
Extreme Value Theorem
Recognizing Concavity
Concavity and the Second Derivative
Second Derivative Test


Watch Roshan 4.3