Precalculus Oct 16 Piecewise Functions


f(x) = \sqrt{x+6}       g(x)= x^2-4x    h(x)=5x-6

1. Find (g+h)(x)

2. Find (g-h)(3)

3. Find f\bullet g(3)

4. What is the domain of \frac{f}{g}(x)

5. Find (h( f(10))

Piecewise Fuction


Graphing Piecewise Functions

Domain Restriction

Graphing Piecewise Using Graphing Calculators

Graphing Piecewise Using

Video: Virtual nerd Piecewise Functions

Piecewise Matching

HW: KhanAcademy Piecewise Functions

Find and Complete a Piecewise Function WS

Here’s a good one!

Textbook Read 112-114 Do p 115 29 – 45 ODD (check answers)


Statistics Oct 16 Two Way Tables Quiz

Video: Against All odds 14 14. The Question of Causation
This historical story describes how researchers untangled the relationship between smoking and lung cancer. Go to this unit.

Quiz: Two Way Tables

Read and take notes on 4.3 Establishing Causation p 305-312. Do 4.41-4.47 odd

Suggested HW: KhanAcademy Two Way Tables

Ch 6 BPS Review Exercises

Read and Practice BPS Chapter 7- Comprehensive Review

Read about the association vs. causation

BPS5E  Chapter 6 and 7 Online Quiz