Precalculus Oct 10 Unit Conversion Activity


Title Paper: Oct 10 Unit Conversion Practice

Warm- Up: Approximately how many seconds old are you at this exact moment (obviously it is changing as you read this). Take a guess? What do you need to know to figure this out? Try to get a ballpark estimate before you start calculating.

Age Calculator Online– Cool!

Get: Unit Analysis Handout with Partners

Read the examples with your partner. Take turns quietly reading back and forth. Keep your fingers on the paper.

Work Out Questions 1-15 on lapboards AND your own notebook paper

WolframAlpha is Great at Conversions

Question #16 is your Formative Assessment

Calculus Oct 10 Midterm Revision

There were those who did very well on the midterm— mostly those who took PRIDE in mastering the KhanAcademy skills.

There are those who did very poorly. Those who didn’t work hard to master KhanAcademy or copied and cheated when they should have had PRIDE.

Your assignment is to REDO every problem you got wrong on the midterm. Carefully. Step by Step. Used notes, use tools, use the help of other people who did well, but DO NOT copy from them,

Grades Start over on Monday